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Mestico's goal is to provide you and your guests with a worldly and unique dining experience, what we call “The Mestico Experience”


Our superior customer service starts with our Catering Manager who will contact you to discuss your event.  Chef Darrell is just a phone call away to discuss menu options or help you design a custom menu of your very own!  This is just the beginning of what we can provide.  If you are having an intimate cocktail party, a gathering of your closest friends, a family dinner or a corporate event, Mestico guarantees that your event will be a memorable experience.


Let Mestico transform your next special event with new and fresh flavors that will tantalize your guests' senses!  Request a special event catering consultation or join our special event catering email list today!?


Mestico Drop off Catering 


·         Great choice for small gatherings

·      We can set up food on your platters or you can rent ours 

·      Cuisine signage included


Mestico On Site Catering 


·         Personal chef event management 

·       Catering and chef event management 

·       Taco parties

·       Private & special events




When you have a unique group of guests and you have no idea what to serve review our menu selections!  While we enjoy making every item on our menu that embraces the Mestico experience, our specialty,  is to create a one of a kind menu for every occasion.  Give your guests what they want -Mestico!



What does a Mestico custom menu look like?


6th Annual Brazilian Summer Beauty Pageant  August 24, 2013


Passed Appetizers


Pan Fried Brazilian Sausage Taquitos topped with Fresh Guacamole and Queso Fresco. Watermelon, Mango and Basil Salsa served on a Crisp Yucca Chip. Sauteed Chorizo and Shallot Stuffed Mushroom topped with Oaxaca Queso





Slow Roasted Chicken glazed in a Cachaća sauce served over Moros y Cristanos garnished with Fresh Thyme and Plantains. Served with a chilled Brazilian Black Eye Pea Salad tossed in a Lemon, Ginger Dressing , and Jalapeno Cheddar Corn Muffins.



Mestico Inspirations


Brazilian inspired

Slow Roasted Chicken glazed in a LeBlon Cachaca Sauce

Cuban inspired

Moros y Cristianos

Afro-Latin Inspired

Black Eye Pea Salad tossed with a Lemon, Chili, Ginger Dressing

Afro-Latin inspired

Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread Muffin

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